Sara struggles with health issues and this is her story.

Posted on: August 31, 2015 7:33 pm
Sara's struggles with health issues

Sara’s struggles with health issues

Sara’s story to over come the odds with a serious illness.

Hi Everyone

My name is Sara and I have been fighting a battle for my life.  I did not know what was wrong the last few weeks.  I was soooo sleepy and not very hungry.  My momma noticed and took me for a visit with my most favorite Doctor.  He is always so sweet and happy to see me.  He looks and coos at me.  Today he is very excited and tells my momma I look pretty good but let’s have a closer look.  He opens my mouth and his brow raises a little.  But he says sorry but let’s just run a little blood work.  I am not sure what this means but my momma seems ok.

He comes back after a few minutes and while my momma holds me I get a little need prick but I have my blanky and momma so I am ok.  After a few minutes he leaves and returns and he does not have the sparkle in his eyes, humm?

He tells my momma that my red blood cell is down to a 7 and it should be 30 or above.  This is really bad.  He says we have only 24 hours to turn this around.  We do not know why but we have to boost her cell count or she will not make it.  My momma still seems ok but maybe hugging me a little tighter.  “Let’s do what we have to do,” I hear her say.

So while balancing me she is on the phone to a good friend, Kim.  After allot of calls and plans being made our dear friend Vernon is off to get Jeremiah’s uncle “Ging”.  As I fall asleep in momma’s arms she is on the phone talking and talking to so many people.  My favorite Doctor is too.

After about 15 hours my new “blood brother” arrives.  He is so handsome and looks allot like my dearest friend Jeremiah.  He is sitting up and looking around at us all.  Guess he likes our good Doctor too.  I watch as they put him to sleep and he gets a physical, blood work and more.  Wow that seems like allot of blood?

Momma says that allot of that blood is for me and it will make me feel allot better.  She says that the handsome boy over there is giving me a gift so that I can grow up and be friends with his nephew “Jeremiah”.  I am happy but very tired.

My friend Vernon leaves with my new blood buddy, Ging.  Then the doctor says the hard part starts now.  He looks at me and gives me a pat on the head and says that this is going to hurt, but that it will make me feel allot better.  I look at my friends around me:  Susan, Don and of course my Momma and they all are smiling at me.  I rest in my momma’s arms and wait. . .

After many pokes as my veins do not cooperate very well they say. . They are going to have to go directly into the bone marrow with the blood.  Momma says she is so proud of me for being so calm and patient.  I just want momma to hold me tight and it will be ok.

Finally they get the blood in . .wow that was a lot of blood.  They then take me on a road trip where momma and I get to spend the night with my Doctor.  Doctor wants to keep an eye on me incase I reject the gift of blood.  I smile at him and think I like this blood.   I am a little nervous when we get to the Doctors house as they have lots of animals I do not know. . but I watch them and they are really nice.  We try and get some sleep. . momma lets me sleep on her chest all night and she wakes me up to keep giving me a little bottle and check on me.  I am great but then. . . I do not feel to good.  I wake my momma up but its to late. . I’m sorry momma I did not mean to throw up on you. . .oops …more.  Momma is so kind she keeps telling me its ok and holds me tight as she tries to clean me up.  Then she calls for Susan and the Doctor.  They come to help her clean me up, the couch and all.   After a few, momma passes me to Susan and leaves.  I am a little scared by Susan is so nice and talks to me as she rocks me.  Momma comes back with wet hair and new cloths. . I guess she took a bath.  She gets me and we lay back down and I fall asleep for another hour.

Susan wakes us up and we go off to see the Doctor at his office again.  More pricks but not as many as the night before and the Doctor says we are doing pretty good.  Since my blood is to low, Doctor says I can not give anymore blood for testing.  We have to give the new blood time to work.  He says that he has never seen anyone with a level 7 and still alive.  That what was going on had been going on for a long time and that my body adjusted as it lowered.  The options were not great but Momma gets to take me home today.  I am glad as I miss my daddy and friends Jeremiah and Kletus.  I get a shot and medicines for the road.

Momma keeps trying all kinds of new bottle mixes which I drink a little but I do not want any food. . even though momma keeps insisting.  I take my medicines like a good little girl.  Momma does not leave my side and I love being on her.  She tried to go to the bathroom but I screamed and she took me too.  I really just want my momma right now.

We make a trip again back to see my Doctor and he says that my blood looks allot better up to 18 but still way to low.  But I can give more blood now to run more test for the doctor.  He says that another shot which will help me make more red blood cells and medicine.  – He says he has consulted with allot of other Doctors as far away as California who has allot of gibbons at a Conservatory to a ZOO right here in Tampa called Lowry Park.  We have to wait for the results of these tests.  So I get to go home again.

Another road trip to see my Doctor again.  I am eating better and feel like playing a little but I still want only my momma.  The doctor lets my momma hold me again as he checks my blood.  When he comes back in I see that funny look in his eye. . I do not like.  He says that I fell to a 12.  He is very concerned I might have to get blood again. . but it can not be my new blood buddy Ging as its too soon.  We need to make other plans in case its needed.  Also he smiles at me and says he just called a friend and that we are going to go see him.  He is specialist in Cancer, not sure what that is.  But that I will get a marrow test.  That is a funny word.  He says it will hopefully give us some answers.  I get more meds and another shot and get to go home.

After two days we head to a new place and meet many new doctors and nurses who smile at me.  I see my favorite Doctor who comes and smiles at me. . He has a puppy I met and I smile.  He gives me a little shot that says I will get a little sleepy.   Momma holds me as this new Cancer Doctor pokes me for a sample of my marrow.  But all of a sudden I do not feel to good and I sound funny and my momma is holding me a little tighter talking to the doctors.  Then they are putting some funny smelling stuff in my face they called oxygen.  I feel a needle prick and they said I should be walking up any second.  Awe – Hi Mom, I feel better now.  A real nice lady doctor says Hi and we are going to do a sonogram of my liver.  There will be no pricks she say, and I am glad.  She puts some cold googy stuff on me and I do not like it but momma holds me.  She says my fur dries to quick and has to keep putting more on me.  Guess I might need another bath soon.

She and other doctors watch and they say it all looks good and that I have such a cute little liver and gallbladder.  I smile.

So we have to wait a day for results and momma gets to take me back home.  I am rather liking that my momma holds me all day but the doctors gave her pills for me to take and I do not like them. . . they are called steroids.  But they are to suppress my immune system.  Well after a few days the doctor calls my momma and says the test came back negative and this seemed to make my momma happy.  She says another road trip in a few days.

Momma says that this time my friend Jeremiah gets to come on our road trip in case I need a new blood buddy.  My favorite doctor seems very happy to see me and my momma says that she is very happy and proud of me.  She says I have been eating lots of good foods and bottles and She likes that I have been playing allot.  I have even played with my good friend Jeremiah and daddy.  But she cautions that she thought that last time.  So Doc takes more blood and the friendly nurses come in happy saying its up to a 31 and 32. . They ran it twice to make sure. . The doctor says let me see.  He was all smiles and happy.  Guess we are getting it.  He says it’s looking like an auto-immune and the steroids are working.  Momma is very excited. . Every one is.  I reach and have fun with all the nurses and play with Jeremiah.  Doctor cautioned that we will wait another week and do a full blood panel but that I did not need a shot or blood buddy today.

I am so happy and I can go home and play.  Momma still keeps me close but its ok if momma has to do something and I stay and play with my daddy or Jeremiah.