What is your address?

36909 Blanton Rd   Dade City, FL  33523   (Gates open 30 minutes before each tour)

What is your phone and fax numbers?

​Phone:  352-567-9453  Fax:  813-364-1798

What are your hours of operation?

​Gift Shop Hours are 1:00 - 4:00     Tuesday - Sunday (Closed Mondays)
Check for tour times and prices under "Attractions" section of our website

What days are you closed?

​Closed on Monday's, Easter, Thanksgiving Day & Day After, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & New Years Day

How much is admission?

​We are a tour based Zoo - so all our pricing is based on specific tours or encounters instead of an admission price (check out website under "Tours" for ticket prices and times.  For access all year round you can purchase an "Annual Pass" on the "Annual Pass" section of the website.

Do you require reservations?

​Reservations are required.  So to guarantee your experiences we do recommend you call 352-567-9453 or book online to reserve your tour time.

Do you offer refunds?

​We do not offer refunds.  We will reschedule up to 3 times if given 24 hour notice of the schedule conflict.

How much is parking?

​Parking is Free

How many and what kinds of animals do you have?

​We have over 300 animals at Wild Things you will find mammals, birds, fish and reptiles.  Our collection includes highly endangered animals.  For more information on our animals, check out "Animals" section of our website

How big is Dade City’s Wild Things?

​Dade City's Wild Things Zoo is a beautiful 22 acre ZOO in the heart of Pasco County's historical Dade City, FL USA.  The property is designed to take advantage of the unique natural design of the two sunken jungle botanical gardens.

How long does it take to get around?

​It depends whether your take our Sunken Jungle Trek (est 2 hours) or our Jungle Safari Tram Ride (est 1 hour)             Or select our All Access Pass (est 6 hours) or add group encounters or swim with a tiger or gator.  The average visit about four hours, but for some people one eight-hour day is not enough.  For those visitors that need an extra day, you can purchase Zoo admission for the following five days from the original purchase date for only $5.00 per person plus tax with your ticket stub.  For access all year round you can purchase an "Annual Pass" on the "Attractions" section of our website.

Do you have places to eat?

​At this time we only offer snacks and drinks, but you may bring your own to eat at our Gift Shop.  We do have a link for "Destination Assistance" on our website under "Plan your Trip".

What is the weather at the zoo today?

​While we cannot determine the weather is going to be at any given moment, your best bet is to visit:   www.weather.com, type in zip code 33525, and get accurate information.  But as Florida weather is changing by the minute we rarely have to cancel tours.

Can we feed the animals?

​Dade City's Wild Things has various "Animal Feedings, Encounters and Swims" for the public to do.  The Zoo provides all food.

Do you have birthday parties?

Yes, we offer "Birthday Party Packages"  For information go to our website under "Groups & Events" or contact us at dcwildthings99@gmail.com or 352-567-9453

Can I have a special event at the zoo?

Yes, at Wild Things you can have family or corporate picnics, school group field trips, teambuilding events, walk-a-thons, weddings, engagements, receptions and just about any other special event you can think of.  Events can be held outdoors, day or night.  We can do it all.  Our website under "Groups & Events" or contact us at dcwildthings99@gmail.com or call 352-567-9453

What kind of special events do you have?

Wild Things ZOO has special events for kids and adults going on almost all the time.  A sampling of these is Zoo School, Zoo Camp, Miss/Mister Wild Things and greet "Chuffer" and more.  Check out our website section:  "Ed-ZOO-Cation".

Are photos or videos allowed at the zoo?

We do not allow videos.  Photos can be taken only on our Photo Tours or Special Request on Privates, Groups or Special Occasions.
To get permission to film or have a professional photo shoot that will be used for personal/promotional/commercial use at Wild Things, please contact us at dcwildthings99@gmail.com or call 352-567-9453.

Do you take unwanted animals from the public?

Yes, if we have available space.  However, we do have Amnesty Day at various locations thru out Florida where you can bring your unwanted exotic pet (does not include cats or dogs) and drop it off, no questions asked.  Email for more information to dcwildthings99@gmail.com.