Genetic Testings

The ability to address questions of genetic identity in exotic animals is now dramatically needed more than ever to protect the species from extinction. The DNA profile and DNA amplification testing are more powerful than conventional blood protein analysis because they detect DNA-sequence information which is highly variable. These technologies provide a more sensitive method of parentage verification and can be used to enhance captive breeding programs through the estimation and maintenance of genetic variability.

Research is having a particularly important implications because it triggers the question of whether extinction truly is absolute. In a sense, it could cause us to evaluate our approach to animals in captivity and consider the ethics and other issues that may play a role when an animal is critically endangered and the animals in captivity can and will play a vital part in keeping the species alive.

We at Dade City’s Wild Things are taking part of the genetic diversity for Tigers to assure pure genetics for future possible re-homing or gene pools to protect the species from complete extinction as there are only 1000 breeding females let in the World for all Tigers combined.

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