Group Rates



From the youngest child to the young at heart, guests can create their own safari style adventure

at Dade City’s Wild Things.

Bringing a group to the Zoo? If you are entering the Zoo with a group of 15 people or more, you

can get a “group ticket discount” when you purchase.

Options to make your package more complete!

• Interactive talk with an Ambassador Animal

• Animal Encounters

• Swim with a tiger or gator

• Jungle Safari Ride

• Sunken Jungle Tour

• “Kid­Zoo­U” live animal show

• and more.. .


Jungle Safari Ride ­ Take a ride on the wild side!

Go deep into the jungle on our new Jungle Safari Ride. This tour takes visitors on a guided trek,

on our motorized tram through our new expansion project. See rare animals like our white bengal

tiger and the barbary lion, which is now extinct in the wild. Our Jungle Safari Ride gets you up

close to animals like gibbons, ostriches, kangaroos and more. End your experience with a trip

through our grazing fields, where you will have the opportunity to feed our buffalo.

Tour Times: Tuesday – Sunday

9:00am | 10:30am | 1:30pm | 3:00pm

15+ are $12.95 per person ­ 25+ are $9.95 per person


Sunken Jungle Tour ­ Hike through our exotic botanical garden.

Our guided Sunken Jungle Tour promises to bring you closer than ever to some of the most

magnificent creatures in the animal kingdom. You will receive a group guide who will escort you

through our botanical gardens on an educational tour that is sure to please the entire family. You

will come face to face with big cats like the bengal tiger, African lion, Florida panther, jaguars and

many more. The tour also exhibits primates such as the baboon, capuchins, lemurs and

macaques, as well as macaws, bears and a host of diverse animals from all over the world.

Tour Times: Tuesday ­ Sunday

9:30am | 2:00pm

15+ are $12.95 per person ­ 25+ are $10.95 per person


Bundle BOTH TOURS and see even more rare and spectacular animals.

Tour Times: Tuesday – Sunday 9:00 / 9:30am | 10:30

15+ are $26.00 per person ­ 25+ are $23.00 per person

Both tours with 1 encounter @ 15+ are $45.00 per person ­ 25+ are $42.00 per person

We also offer Annual Passes

Adults @ $55.00, Seniors (55+) @ $52.50, Child (2­13) @ $45.00

Contact: Dade City’s Wild Things at 352­567­WILD (9453) or *