Park Facts

Get Closer To The Animals!

Dade City’s Wild Things is an ecotourism zoo that brings you closer than ever to some magnificent animals on our guided Sunken Jungle Trek or Jungle Safari Rides, along with amazing personal encounters with tiger cubs, monkeys, and more.

Home of the internationally seen “Swim with a Tiger” and “Tampa Bay’s Mystery Monkey” and the “Wild H2O” show, featuring World Famous “Randy the Tiger Man.”

Call 352-567-WILD (9453) for more information or to make reservations!

Dade City’s Wild Things, Inc. is a beautiful 22-acre zoo located in the heart of Pasco County in historical Dade City, Florida. We take pride in providing a natural botanical garden landscape environment for the animals in our facility.

Stop by and visit our GIFT SHOP, featuring zoo animal themed items. All proceeds go to support the animals.

From there you can jump on our authentic trolley to take a short ride to the zoo… Experience a “once in a lifetime” walking trek or Tram Ride of over 300 ANIMALS ON EXHIBIT, surrounded by a beautiful garden landscape.

You will be amazed at how close you will be to stalking tigers, playing bears, roaring lions, mischievous monkeys, swimming otters, calling birds and so much more! It will be an experience you will never forget as these animals interact with your personal guide, in most cases within just three feet of your tour group.

Would you enjoy a hands-on encounter with a lion cub, tiger cub, skunk, gator or monkey? Immediately following our Zoo Tours, animal encounters are offered in the gardens.