Randy “The Tiger Man”

randy with big tiger - white Randy “The Tiger Man”


‘The Tiger Man’ is Randy Stearns, the President and Head Trainer for Dade City’s Wild Things, an internationally known and respected Zoo and Rescue. He has been with Wild Things since the beginning.

He was born in Tampa, Florida, and comes from the Stearns family who, after the Civil War in the 1860’s, homesteaded in Hillsborough County, Florida. His grandfather still lives on a piece of the orig
inal homestead property. As a young boy he was surrounded by all kinds of animals that his mother would rehab and was taught how to care for them and learned their behaviors. As a child Randy and his family moved to an abandoned estate in Dade City, Florida. They spent countless hours bringing the grounds and the 1901 Brick Estate house affectionately called the “Castle” back to its former glory. The estate is now the site of Dade City Wild Things; a Sanctuary Zoo and botanical gardens that permanently houses over 200 native and exotic animals. You could say the Stearns family did not “buy”, but “built” a Zoo.

“The Tiger Man” is a nickname used by close friends and tour guests because of his relationship with his animal family. Living in a rural area, he grew up a loner and his friends, brothers and sisters were monkeys, bears, tigers, and other creatures. Spending so much time with them he has learned their behaviors and discovered that all of God’s creatures have feelings and needs. Randy and his family have spent countless hours caring for these magnificent creatures. As well as promoting conservation and educating the public on the plight of our animal friends in the wild, he has been on local, national, and international news and entertainment shows (including Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, The Today Show etc.) as a Wildlife Expert and has often been referred to as the ‘NEW’ Jack Hanna.

To learn more, or if you would like to contact the Tiger Man for appearances or interviews, email RandyTheTigerMan@gmail.com