The goal of wildlife rehabilitation is to provide professional care to sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals so ultimately they can be returned to their natural habitat. Wild animals that sustain injuries or illnesses preventing them from living successfully in the wild but have recovered from their injuries are placed in our ZOO on exhibit or behind the scenes. In the State of Florida it illegal to exhibit wildlife rehab animals til they are deemed un-releasable.

​Dade City’s Wild Things has been working with Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission for over 20 years at full cost of the ZOO.

Because of our training as wildlife rehabilitators we can help concerned people decide whether an animal truly needs help. Young birds and mammals should be returned to their families if at all possible; even well trained rehabilitators are not equivalent replacements for biological parents. Rehabilitators can provide instructions on how to reunite wildlife families, keeping the safety of the animals and the rescuers in mind, and they can suggest humane, long-term solutions when conflicts arise between humans and their wild neighbors.