Special Tours

For pricing and availability, use our contact page or call us at 352-567-WILD (352-567-9453).

Special Feeding Tours

You will be able to watch while our Keepers feed these awesome animals. They will devour meat and bones in seconds. You will get an inside view of the preparation of the foods and what it takes to feed this many animals.

Private Tours

This is an opportunity for a one on one tour that will cater to your interest as well as interact with our ambassador animals. You will discover amazing facts about the animals and the husbandry, behind the scenes and conservation needs of many animals.

Zoo School Tours

This is a discounted program available for schools who want an interactive program designed with age appropriateness in mind.

Group Tours

Bringing a group to the Zoo? If you are entering the Zoo with a group of 15 people or more, youcan get a group rate.


Photo Tours

An opportunity for a semi-private tour, where pictures will be allowed. We reserve the rights to all photos and they cannot be used for commercial use or commercial resale only personal enjoyment. No video cameras allowed. Birthday Parties Looking for a wild way to celebrate your birthday, come to the zoo.



Come celebrate in our botanical animal park with many gazebo’s and ponds and photo opportunities.


Our Ambassador animals and staff are proud to be a part of making your special day memorable.

NO REFUNDS  (We will reschedule up to 3 times with 24 hour notice)