Swim With Tigers


Swim With Tigers

An amazing encounter that you will never, ever forget!


Tigers are known as the best swimmers of all the big cats, with webbing between their toes to make their feet more like flippers. We found that, in the water, people and tigers were on a more equal footing when the tiger is swimming. We can manipulate them more easily as they are floating. When they are young, they love taking baths and then we slowly introduce them to the pool. As part of their training, they are taught many lessons that assist us in their adult life, making them more comfortable with examinations and medical treatments. The guest becomes part of the training, in teaching them to ignore distractions and abide by their training as they would do in the exhibits when receiving examinations.

So come for a once in a lifetime experience and become a tiger trainer’s assistant while swimming in Florida’s beautiful weather!

Limited space and time. Reservations are mandatory. No photos or videos allowed. Book your encounter below; then phone us at 352-567-WILD (9453) to reserve a date and time!