Become A Volunteer!

Congratulations, you have decided to become a volunteer! This will be one of the most rewarding and thrilling experiences you will ever have. Our team of volunteers are critical to being able to provide for these animals, we look forward to having you join our team.

Volunteer Requirements​:

Volunteer orientations are held monthly. Here you will be given an overview of what we do as volunteers and recieve assistance in choosing a program that is right for you. Future volunteers should contact the zoo and schedule a reservation for orientation. You must print and fill out the application at the bottom of this page and either email it prior to orientation or bring it with you to orientation. You must fulfill the following requirements in order to participate.

​Must be at least 13 years old or be accompanied by an adult.

Must be able to provide a minimum of 4 hours/week or 16 hours/month.

​Volunteers With Special Skills Needed:

While we will gladly train any competent person to volunteer at our facility, we are actively seeking persons with special skills and knowledge. We have several volunteer programs to choose from, and we encourage you to choose a program that caters to your skills and qualifications.

Volunteer Programs:​

Animal Care – Volunteers participating in our Animal Care program will be involved in areas such as cleaning enclosures, creating animal enrichments, feeding animals, as well as helping rehabilitate sick or injured animals. Please note a set amount of hour must be contributed to be involved in the cleaning, feeding and other activities with certain animals.

Hospitality – Volunteers participating in the Hospitality program are the face of our zoo. An outgoing personality and the ability to communicate with large groups is critical. Daily activities will involve things such as taking guests on tours, trolley and tram driving, providing safety for and assisting guests at the park, and all other duties related to providing an excellent experience for guests while visiting the park.

Marketing – Volunteers participating in the Marketing program will organize strategies to spread the word of the zoo, and execute strategies to increase the number of visitors. Volunteers will also be responsible for developing and distributing new marketing materials, making use of online marketing tools, as well as organizing and attending functions inside and outside the zoo.

Guest Services – Volunteers participating in the Guest Services program will be responsible for all transactions between the zoo and our guests as well as other activities in our gift shop. Activites will include selling tickets and merchandise, scheduling tours, providing information packets to visitors, developing pictures and/or cd’s for customers, helping board the trolley, and cleanliness of the gift shop.

Maintenance – Volunteers participating in the Maintenance program will be responsible for the upkeep, expansion and cleanliness of our zoo. Activities will include maintaining animal enclosures, developing new enclosures, maintaining trails and other areas throughout the park, removing trash from sites, installing signage and all other maintenance needs of the park.

Food Preparation – Volunteers participating in the Food Preparation program will be responsible for the cleaning and preparation of food for animals. It will also sell food and drinks in the picnic area of the park. Volunteers of this program will not be involved in the feeding of animals.

Ready to Volunteer?

Volunteer Packet

Then ​call 352-567-WILD (9453) for more information!