What’s Happening

Endangered Tiger Cub named Maylea

 Call (352) 567-9453 today to hold and play with Maylea in an Animal Encounter.


 Christmas for the Critters

Christmas For The Critters

Dade City’s Wild Things now has a Wishing Tree for the Animals!

You can pick an item off the tree (or call) and gift it to your favorite furry friends from jolly balls, salt licks, stuff and plays and so much more.

The range of sponsorship ornament is $2.49 – $221.99 plus shipping. All proceeds go directly to buying these items for the animals.

And in no time you’ll see lots of pictures of the critters playing with these gifts on facebook.

Call (352) 567-9453 to support “Christmas for the Critters

     The “I Love You” Tiger  Symbolic Adoption

baby tiger

Show your love with a Symbolic Adoption Package For $40.00 call (352) 567-9453 or purchase @ our online store