Our “Wild” Personalities

Randy "The Tiger Man"

Mascot "Chuffer"

Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay

Mystery Monkey

Mystery Monkey of Tampa at Dade City's Wild Things

Randy 'The Tiger Man' is a Internationally Known TV Celebrity personality and Exotic Animal Trainer for the World Famous Dade City's Wild Things.    "Visit us on Facebook"

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​Chuffer is the Official Mascot for Dade City's Wild Things and is a major part of Dade City's Wild Things Conservation efforts to spread the plight of tigers in the wild.   "Visit us on Facebook" 

I am a free loading monkey "Cornelius" The Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay,  I like running from the law, but now I live at Dade City's Wild Things - where I got a girl "Cora" and a new baby ! ! zoom-zoom.   "Visit us on Facebook"

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