Our “Wild” Personalities

Randy "The Tiger Man"

Mascot "Chuffer"

Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay

Mystery Monkey

Mystery Monkey of Tampa at Dade City's Wild Things

Randy 'The Tiger Man' is a Internationally Known TV Celebrity personality and Exotic Animal Trainer for the World Famous Dade City's Wild Things.    "Visit us on Facebook"

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​Chuffer is the Official Mascot for Dade City's Wild Things and is a major part of Dade City's Wild Things Conservation efforts to spread the plight of tigers in the wild.   "Visit us on Facebook" 

I am a free loading monkey "Cornelius" The Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay,  I like running from the law, but now I live at Dade City's Wild Things - where I got a girl "Cora" and a new baby ! ! zoom-zoom.   "Visit us on Facebook"

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As a popular Dade City, Florida, attraction, Dade City’s Wild Things Zoo has more than tiger and otter encounters, wild safari tours, and tropical botanical gardens. We are home to a variety of unique characters, including world-famous Randy “The Tiger Man” and Cornelius, the “Mystery Monkey” of Tampa Bay. From otter encounters to exciting rides through our safari, you will see our wild personalities everywhere. Our special guests truly make our zoo a Dade City, Florida, attraction you do not want to miss. Everyone here looks forward to meeting you soon!