ZOO School for U

At “Dade City’s Wild Things” we offer a great diversity of animals, from Africa and Asia, South America, Australia and of course North American animals. Best of all you will receive a private guide, who will devote time at each habitat to give you age appropriate details about of our animals to your students.

Your Tour Guide will be available to answer any questions they might have. This usually includes species, habitat, and diet information as well as some interesting lesser known facts for each animal. We will do our best to also include pertinent information that would tie into your unit, as well as the species status in the wild, what is affecting their wild populations, etc.

As a part of the tour students will see and learn about various types of monkeys, tigers, lions, bears, panthers and various birds. We are offering our “Kid-Zoo-U” live animal show featuring: Randy “The Tiger Man” at an additional cost, which gives the students an opportunity to go a little more in depth and ask questions to one of our professional animal trainers. Show time is 15-20 minutes.

Pricing for field trips are as follows:

Zoo School for U Field Trip

Students (15+): $12.95 per student

Students (25+): $10.95 per student

Students (50+): $9.95 per student

Students (100+): $8.95 per student

Kid-Zoo-U - Live Animal Show

Students (15+): $3.50 per student

Students (25+): $2.50 per student

Students (50+): $2.00 per student

Students (100+): $1.00 per student​

Chaperones: Same cost as students but not included in count.​

Teachers:​ Free

Lunch Options: We offer a "Garden Area" for lunches at no cost.​

Our Jungle Safari Ride tours can be added or substituted for walking tours. Call for more information.

We also offer a "Zoo to You" where a Zoo Trainer will come to your school and do a Keeper Talk with or without animals.​