Swim With A Tiger!

Swim with Tigers!

Out of all the big cats, tigers are known to be the best swimmers due to the webbing between their toes. Their feet are more like flippers! We have found that, while in the water, people and tigers are on a level playing field. We can manipulate these majestic animals more easily when they are floating.

When tigers are young, they love to take baths. At Dade City’s Wild Things Zoo, we slowly introduce them to the pool after they become familiar with bath time. As part of their training, our tigers are taught many lessons that assist us in their adult life and help make them more comfortable with examinations and medical treatments.

When swimming with tigers, you become part of the training process. You will help teach our tigers to ignore distractions as they would when receiving examinations. So, visit today for an incredibly rare experience. Not only do you get to be a tiger trainer’s assistant, you also get to swim in Florida’s beautiful weather!

Swim with Otters or Gators!

Come be a Gator Boy or Girl, or play with an adorable otter! When you are swimming with otters or gators, you will learn all about the lives of these animals and the role they play in our Florida ecosystem. You will walk away with a deeper love for and better understanding of these amazing animals.

In the gator exhibit, you will learn all about an alligator’s unique anatomy and strength. You will also learn how to capture the gator! In our otter exhibit, you will play with and learn about the Asian small-clawed otter’s playfulness and speed.

Guests enter the exhibit and become a part of the training. You will help us teach our animals to accept and trust their handlers, ignore distractions, and abide to their training as they would when receiving examinations or feedings. Come for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and become a gator or otter trainer’s assistant while swimming in the gorgeous Florida weather.

Current Prediction for Swim with a Tiger will begin in March, 2018 

Due to the Farmers Almanac Predictions February 2018 will be below normal temperatures - so this might fluctuate with the opportunities for the tiger cub to have swim training time for his benefit.  So the beginning to call and reserve is unknown til he is able to have his swim play time in warm weather.  We should know in mid February the beginning date and can start taking reservations.

We can schedule but there might be a re-schedule due to the conditions not being in the best interest in the tiger cub.  We will give as much notice or give opportunity to exchange it with a private tiger cub experience for 2.

No Refunds allowed - will reschedule with 24 hour notice up to 3 times

For weather predictions go to:  https://www.almanac.com/weather/longrange/region/us/5